Polieren & Superfinish

für optimale Oberflächengüten

The desired surface quality is produced using the procedures of belt polishing and Superfinishing. It is a fine form of mechanical processing to improve the roughness and to produce the specified bearing ratio. The surface quality can result in outcomes up to a mirror finish. Dimensional requirements for a component, however, are implemented by precision grinding.

Belt Polishing

Belt polishing or industrial polishing is one of the machining procedures. The choice of grit determines the peak-to-valley height.

As a processing step before chrome plating, polishing is suitable to mechanically remove heavily scaled residues on the component. As standard, the workpieces are polished after chrome plating in order to achieve the desired surface quality. Teflon coating is a variant of the post treatment. The micro-cracked chrome surface is sealed with a Teflon coating. Teflon coating can temporarily increase the corrosion resistance.

  • Maximum dimensions: Ø 850 x 3600 mm
  • Maximum weight: max. 2000 kg
  • Roughness: Rz 1.6 - 2.5
  • Between peaks


Superfinishing (microfinish) optimizes the surface structure in the micro range. The Superfinishing process increases the bearing ratio and thus the compacting area. In order to achieve the desired contact area (bearing ratio in %), only roughness peaks are removed. This results in an improvement in the tip height and micro-geometry of the component.

In contrast to polishing, the Superfinishing creates the cross-hatch that is common in honing. The cross-shaped indentations optimize the lubricant distribution and thus the emergency running properties as well as the tribological properties of the component. The tribological advantages reduce the friction and the energy consumption of the workpiece in use.

Our process creates a uniform, seamless finish over the entire surface. The desired micrograph is created using the tool oscillation and rotation speed of the component to be machined. In order to be able to implement the specified bearing ratio, the prefabricated roughness values ​​must be correct. This is where our many years of experience in mechanical processing and especially in dealing with hard chrome surfaces come into play. Superfinishing can also be used before the hard chrome plating to improve the surface quality of rotation-symmetric components.

  • Maximum dimensions: Ø 850 x 4000 mm
  • Maximum weight: max. 3000 kg
  • Roughness: Rmax < 0.1, Ra < 0.01, Rz < 0.1
  • Bearing ratio Rpk, Rvk, Rmr depending on requirements
  • Between peaks

Mirror finish

With the Superfinishing procedure, a surface quality up to a mirror finish can be created. Very fine Finish tapes (up to 3 µm) are used for this purpose.

Mirror finish is required if the use of the component requires an absolutely homogeneous, clean and smooth surface. This is the case, for example, in the printing and foil industry.

  • Maximum dimensions: Ø 480 x 3000 mm
  • Maximum weight: max. 2000 kg
  • Roughness: Rmax < 0.1, Ra < 0.01, Rz < 0.1
  • Between peaks

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