precision grinding

according to exact tolerances and surface qualities

Precision grinding for exact dimensional requirements.
CNC-controlled metal grinding enables precise, fast and economic processing of components.

Grinding Shop (Cylindrical Grinding)

From single-unit production to series production, we offer cylindrical grinding according to the drawing in our grinding center. By using modern cnc grinding machines, we are able to realize diameter, form and position tolerances as well as surface finishes with the highest quality standards. The right choice in assembling the grinding wheel and the suitable grinding parameters facilitate the efficient and cost-effective cylindrical grinding of your workpieces.

Grinding Hard Chrome Surfaces

In surface coating, precision grinding is an important process step in order to optimize the surface quality. As upstream step, the surface of the base material is ground to improve the coating quality. As post-processing of the coating, the desired surface quality is achieved by precision grinding. In the case of thicker hard chrome layers, components are chrome-plated with excess and then ground to the specified dimension. This particularly affects parts that require especially high wear protection.

Repair of worn Components

In combination with our mechanical processing, excess chrome plating is also suitable for the repair or restauration of worn components as well as the build-up through chrome plating of workpieces, which have been ground to measure. This process can be used, for example, to repair cylinders, piston rods and turbines. Regeneration is a time-saving, economical and resource-saving alternative to a new acquisition. Learn more about the benefits of Regeneration.

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Specifications of our Grinding Shop

  • Dimensions

    max. Ø 850 x 4000 mm

  • Surface Roughness

    Roughness Rz 1.0 - 7.0

  • Process

    External cylindrical grinding between centers

  • Weight

    max. 3000 kg

  • Cylindricity und concentricity

    ≤ 0.01

  • Type of Control

    CNC, NC, conventionally

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Cooperation Network

In collaboration with our experienced cooperation partners, we offer you further grinding processes. This includes internal cylindrical grinding, surface grinding (plane grinding) and flat grinding.

Complete manufacturing

Through our cooperation platform we can offer you the complete manufacturing of components such as roller tubes, casing pipes, piston rods, and much more from one provider. As a component supplier, our service for you includes all the requested process steps, including material ordering, turning, centering, grinding, coating, through to the delivery of the finished components.

  • Service

    one contact person for all orders

  • Time

    elimination of coordination activities

  • Costs

    cut of storage costs

  • Quality

    meeting your quality requirements

  • Reliability of supply

    reliable delivery performance

Express Service

For orders with increased time pressure, you have the option of using our express service. The express service is coordinated directly with our production control and invoiced via a surcharge.

Initial Sampling

Before the start of more complex series, we offer you an initial sampling at special conditions. This allows you to convince yourself of the quality of our services. In addition, together we coordinate our production processes ideally.

Tips for the delivery

The delivery condition of the components is one of the decisive factors for optimum quality and a short throughput time. Here you will find helpful tips for the delivery of your components.

Betz-Chrom – your partner for strong parts

In the sense of a trustful partnership, you will receive highly qualified technical advice from us that is tailored to your needs. We combine 70 years of experience in surface technology with an innovative and inquisitive corporate culture. Our quality awareness, our occupational health and safety management as well as our measures for environmental protection and energy saving are audited and certified according to DIN standards. As an on-schedule partner with high quality level, we constantly aim to find the optimal process solution for you.