time- and cost-saving alternative to a new acquisition

The new production of a worn component is often expensive and time-consuming, especially due to the downtime of machines. The high-quality and time-saving recondition of worn or undersized parts is the ideal alternative to a costly new acquisition. By reconditioning old components, you are acting in the spirit of resource efficiency. This makes you less dependent on the volatile raw materials market and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Repair hard chrome plating

In the event of signs of wear or damage, our individual surface treatment enables us to offer high-quality repair solutions that can be implemented at short notice. The components are inspected by our quality management department, stripped, ground clean (e.g. if there are signs of wear on pivots), hard chrome plated and finally ground to the original dimensions. To enable you to make a well-founded decision between a new purchase or recondition of the components, you will of course receive an itemized quotation.

Shrunk bearing seats, winding mandrels, pistons, piston rods, piston rods, spindles, drive cylinders, turbine rotors, planetary rings and many other machine components are suitable for repair hard chrome plating. We have also been successfully using our know-how for reconditioning of extrusion screws for a long time.

In the case of minor damage, smaller spots can be repaired by using tampon electroplating (Selectron). Here you can find further information about Selectron.

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Properties of your components

  • Basic material: all steels
  • Vertical chrome plating: ⌀ 1300 x 4700 mm or 8000 mm with rotation of the workpiece
  • Horizontal chrome plating: ⌀ 60 x 6500 mm
  • Forms: 1700 x 1500 x 1300 mm
  • Weight: 5000 kg

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Coating properties of hard chrome

  • Layer thickness: 0.003 to 0.500 mm with warranty (beyond that without)
  • Roughness: Rmax < 0.1 μm to Rz 70 μm
  • Hardness: 1000 ± 50 HV 0.1
  • Corrosion resistance Base material according to DIN EN ISO 9227-NSS: > 480 hours with MHC
  • Expansion coefficient: 6.6 to 8.4 x 10-6 1/K
  • Ductility: 0.1% elongation at break
  • Wear resistance: < 5 mg/1000 revolutions
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.15 lubricated or 0.21 dry against steel
  • Tensile strength: 280 to 450 N/mm²
  • Non-magnetic
  • Lead and cadmium free (RoHS compliant)

Various useful properties of the hard chromium coating combined provide the high wear resistance. On the one hand, the hard chrome layer is very hard without distorting the material. The low friction coefficient confirms the anti-adhesive properties of the chrome layer. This refers to the behavior of chrome surfaces to repel aqueous media and dirt. This ability also increases the corrosion resistance of hard chrome surfaces.

A further advantage is the micro-cracked structure of the hard chrome layer, which absorbs applied lubricants well for wear protection. The fine network of cracks also increases the ductility of the chrome layer, making it less brittle in relation to its high hardness.

Components coated with hard chrome are free of lead and cadmium according to the RoHS and WEEE directives. According to FDA standards, the material is qualified to get in contact with food.

Express Service

For orders with increased time pressure, you have the option of using our express service. The express service is coordinated directly with our production control and invoiced via a surcharge.

Tips for the delivery

The delivery condition of the components is one of the decisive factors for optimum coating quality and a short throughput time. Here you will find helpful tips for the delivery of your components.

Betz-Chrom – your partner for strong parts

In the sense of a trustful partnership, you will receive highly qualified technical advice from us that is tailored to your needs. We combine 70 years of experience in surface technology with an innovative and inquisitive corporate culture. Our quality awareness, our occupational health and safety management as well as our measures for environmental protection and energy saving are audited and certified according to DIN standards. As an on-schedule partner with high quality level, we constantly aim to find the optimal process solution for you.