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Galvanic surface finishing applies functional layers with a thickness of only a few µm to the base material of a workpiece. Thanks to the properties of the coating, the components become more durable, efficient, slidable and break-resistant. Due to regeneration, we can renew such protection even after several decades of operation – in summary: galvanic surface coating saves resources. According to the Umweltbundesamt, Germany´s main environmental protection agency, economists estimate that galvanic surface finishing saves approximately 150 billion € of corrosion and wear damage anually in Germany. 1

We assume responsibility for using the chemicals and energy required for the coating process in the most environmentally friendly and resource-saving way possible. With the help of our certified environmental management ISO 14001 we strive for an ongoing improvement of our environmental performance. In addition, our certified energy management ISO 50001 aims to continuously increase our energy efficiency. We have been sourcing 100% green electricity since 2008, an unusual decision for an energy-intensive company but crucial for an honest environmental policy. We are working in a targeted way to reduce and substitute hazardous substances, such as using lead-free chemical nickel electrolytes, the maximum possible replacement of nitro cleaners with bio-cycle cleaners and the use of probiotic bacteria instead of biocides in the cooling water circuit.

Our logo underlines our green and sustainable awareness: With its armoured, hard and yet finely structured skin, the rhino symbolises our core competence - the surface finishing of complicated geometries. Appropriately, we have taken on the sponsorship of the Nikolaus rhino in Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo.

We live our environmental awareness in our day-to-day work and therefore also pursue small measures, which in turn can achieve a lot in total. For example:

  • Printers from printvision (www.printvision.de)
  • Insect hotels, bee food, dead wood and bird food places on the premises
  • Sponsorship of a flowering field for bees
  • In 2019 training of an employee as a beekeeper

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Surface technology

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Mechanical production

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