Plastics engineering - Our know-how for protection against wear and corrosion

Betz-Chrom is the specialist for surfaces in plastics technology! Decades of experience gained with our in-house anode and fixture construction enable us to individually and precisely coat geometrically complex extrusion and injection moulding screws for protection against corrosion and wear. Your machine downtimes become shorter. Due to the anti-adhesive hard chromium characteristics, the “sticking” or “baking on” of plastics is avoided.

We coat new extrusion and injection moulding screws around the world. Furthermore, we also offer screw regeneration.

  • Pickling
  • Weld defects
  • New chromium plating
  • Subsequent mechanical processing, such as grinding and polishing

The regeneration of your extrusion and injection moulding screws is a cost-effective and high quality alternative to purchasing new workpieces. The precise production of the surfaces you require is analysed, measured and documented by our quality team with the aid of modern instruments.

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Before regeneration
After regeneration

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