Research & Development

At Betz-Chrom, we want to test new technologies and integrate them into our processes, for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

BlueCr (trivalent hard chrome electrolyte)

In cooperation with Atotech, the first sample components were coated in a test bath with BluCr. The components are now being examined by an authorized specialist company for the scientific evaluation of the coating properties.

CAD and 3D printing

For complex geometries, we can shorten the turnaround time of our customer components by reproducing the actual steel component from plastic, using customer drawings, CAD software and 3D printing.
These replacement models are then used as a working basis in fixture construction, enabling us to manufacture the necessary fixtures even before the customer components arrive.
By using our 3D printer when building fixtures, we also save plastic waste.

Coating Simulation

In cooperation with Elsyca, we can simulate the theoretical process of separating chromium on complex components using 3D software. Through optimizations derived therefrom in fixture construction, we can positively influence the flow behavior in the component.

Platinized titanium anodes

Titanium anodes instead of lead anodes increase the quality of the hard chrome coating. As a result, more even coating thickness and a much better surface finish are achieved. Internal chrome plating of diameters less than 8 mm is possible.

Increased efficiency of air extraction systems

As a cooperation partner, we are participating in the two-year research project LEGOLAS  - "Luftabsaugungstechnische Effizienzsteigerung in der Galvanik – Optimierte Luftführung mittels Abblas- und Saugvorrichtung ". The aim of the research project is to keep contaminated vapours away from workers and the air in the production hall. For this purpose, a combination of blow-off and suction device is used directly at the electroplating baths. We are pleased about the project partnership with the electroplating and plant engineering company Rauch Kunststoff- & Galvanotechnik GmbH (project coordination), the Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, the Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology of the University Bayreuth and the Zitt GmbH & Co. KG. The project started on July 1, 2019. 

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